top 10 things to do at thestudio Birmingham …

Posted on Fri-09-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Today is the day you’re attending a meeting at thestudio and are looking forward to a well-deserved break to stretch your legs. This top ten list will help you discover the venue and keep you both entertained and intrigued about our unique spaces. Enjoy and have fun!

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from this day forward…

Posted on Wed-06-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

In the ever changing wedding industry how do we begin to piece together our wedding product? It had to start with what we already have and know…

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and I will walk 10,000 miles (I mean steps)…

Posted on Wed-03-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

There is a particular phenomenon typically experienced by astronauts called the Overview Effect. When individuals view the pale blue dot (Earth) surrounded by the blackness of space it induces a sudden philosophical realisation of complete unity, recognition that: “All life on earth is interconnected, and we are, in a very real sense, one.” Unfortunately I haven’t viewed the […]

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One Month Into 2014…

Posted on Wed-02-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

It’s been over a month now since New Year and so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect our tactics for succeeding in our new year’s resolutions. That’s if any of us have managed to stick it out this long! The most popular New Year resolutions seem to be eating more healthily, exercising more often […]

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how to have a Merry Office Christmas Party in 5 easy steps…

Posted on Tue-08-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

There’s a never ending stream of lists, notes, RSVPs and charts for all of you that have to organise your company’s Christmas Party. Whether you’re a seasoned planner and already have everything at your fingertips or you’ve just been assigned this task but don’t know where to start, here is a useful checklist to make […]

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on Corporate Hospitality…

Posted on Wed-07-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

A few months before the London 2012 Olympics a Key Note press release announced that the UK Corporate Hospitality Market fell by 2.5% to 1.b billion between 2007 and 2011. However, the same press release remained hopeful about the market’s ability to gradually recover in the aftermath of the Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games. […]

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thestudio 1, 2, 3…

Posted on Wed-07-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

This year has been a great one so far with lots of good news for our growth and development plans. Our business has grown with the opening of a new floor in Birmingham and now we’re exploring expanding our venue in Manchester so that we can accommodate many different size events. The expansion of the […]

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3 reasons to order brain friendly food for your delegates…

Posted on Thu-06-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

There’s been a lot of debate regarding the link between our brains and food. The food we eat influences our brain.  Refined sugars give an energy boost but after a short while they cause drowsiness, proteins keep us active longer and the right mix of carbs (sugars), protein and fat benefits our health; and it’s not just us saying that. It’s science! […]

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the root of our values…

Posted on Fri-05-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

A few weeks ago we received our first negative comment on a social media channel. That was quite a shock and we were genuinely gutted about the situation. We responded promptly and everything was handled bearing in mind our Customer First mission statement.

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the social media game…

Posted on Tue-04-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Had an interesting read this week about social media and content on the Event Magazine’s blog and it got me thinking about content and our business.  Thestudio’s mission statement is customer first and everything revolves around our customers’ experience. Since the explosion of the social media we too have joined in the millions that are […]

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