We truly value the feedback we receive at the studio it helps us achieve our mission statement of customer first. We love it if you can talk to one of the team on the day, it can be frustrating if it’s after the event and we could have done something to improve the service at the time, we get really upset if we feel a customer has left us unhappy!

Instant feedback and communication is now changing massively with the use of twitter, it gives us fast, fun and honest interaction in real time from delegates and organisers that we wouldn’t necessarly have dialogue with. It creates a more initmate relationship with our customers, and it’s also great when we see those customers recommend us to others. (more…)

We are proud at the studio to be used as a demo site for Logitech’s fantastic Lifesize videoconference kit. This means that not only do Logitech introduce their potential clients to our venues but also we have access to the latest and best high-definition hardware which we can also offer to our customers for their conferencing.

Normally when not in use we link up our two sites in Birmingham and Manchester with a video link in the breakout areas – this has on a few occasions provided some great comedy gold moments. Mentioning no names, one company in Manchester decided they wanted to play Wii Tennis rather than talk to anyone in Birmingham – which of course is fine but they failed to disconnect the video call. This meant that everyone in our relax area in Birmingham had a face on close up private viewing of two of our delegates in Manchester running around like Boris Becker and John McEnroe – completely oblivious they had a captive audience in a room 100 miles away. (more…)

So the BIG news is that at the Best Business Awards we won a gold standard award, which given that our category was dominated by Birmingham City Council (BCC) businesses at a BCC backed awards ceremony was pretty damn good and the best we could have hoped for. We are well chuffed

The biggest thing we gained from the day though was a comment by one of the speakers, it went something like this “those businesses that see themselves in the future and are planning for that future will be in that future”. Times, as we all know are tough, and a lot of wallowing and hardship have been expressed, but for us that simple comment signified the end of the dark days of recession, it’s an attitude thing. We have after all been through the cold winter months, it has rained and it has snowed and we have hunkered down. Today though sees us with the attitude that it’s all still going on out there and we are still here and planning for that future. It’s still bright! (more…)

So it begins……actually beginnings are quite important so we don’t want this to be a rubbish one. Given a choice we would have trumpets and elephants and two dozen dancers synchronising over a mirrored lake with a sea lion balancing a large rubber ball whilst playing the mandolin. Unfortunately though it’s not that kind of grand beginning. But never the less begin we must so a big welcome to you all as the studio enters the blogosphere. (more…)