Ok so about the number 6! Who can tell me what comes in sixes? Here is my brief list from a short investigation (Thanks Google!)

Strings on a Guitar
Eggs in a carton
Legs on an Insect
Feet in a Fathom
Days to create the world (apparently!)
Feet under when you get buried
Sides to a cube or hexagon

As far as six goes we also know that 3 of them together means bad, very bad! And that a 6 pack in relation to men whichever way you look at it is a good thing (again apparently!) As a cricket nut I could also point out that it’s the highest score from a single shot and that 5 cricketers have won international matches hitting a six off the last ball. For the football mad amongst us I would also remind us of Leeds United 6 Besiktas 0……Sorry had to mention that, it’s been a tough decade!! I’m sure locals will remember Derby 0 Villa 6 or Millwall 0 Blues 6 or City’s 6 against United last season. There is even one for you Craig; Newcastle 6 Villa O from 1896, sorry no it was in fact 2010 (When Andy Carrol was a footballer!) (more…)

We really believe in the business benefit and social responsibility of supporting graduates and internship programmes, we are delighted to welcome our newest cohort to thestudio family “Laura Nash” The following is a few words from Laura on her experience with us so far… (more…)