Sorry to waffle on, but we just wanted you to know… It’s International Waffle Day!

Ever tried a freshly made studio waffle? Well today’s your chance! Grab one on your afternoon break; tweet us your taste buds’ verdict @studiovenues.

Globe trotter…

These tasty treats can be found all over the globe, from Singapore to U.S.A, waffles have made the world their home. Drenched in maple syrup or crowned with strawberries and cream, with a plate full of choice, this master of meals can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner! (Not to mention they dish up a great dessert). (more…)

oatbakedJoin in celebration of this delicious day by grabbing an oat & raisin cookie…

Whether you’re a self-professed carnivore or just have a sweet tooth, from haggis to flapjacks, oats are so versatile they can be enjoyed by all!

Here @ thestudio (as you can tell) we love food, hence our National Food Day craze! With our love of food being at the fore front of what we offer, having unique menus is really important to us… With that in mind, have you had the pleasure of trying thestudio’s oat baked chicken?


Whether you prefer to pull them apart, fill up on the filling, or dunking them in milk, whatever your ritual, it’s only a matter of time before their inevitable devouring! Here @ thestudio we appreciate everyone’s different, however originally you dine; so join us for an afternoon pick me up with Oreos.

These darkly coloured delectables are allegedly vegan! Talk about chucking dietary requirements out the window. Ever tried the chocolate filled Oreos? There might be one or two hidden amongst the originals. If you’re lucky enough, tweet @studiovenues #plunder. (more…)