IMG_1554In a bid to give our stomachs a well-deserved rest, today @ thestudio we are celebrating great poetry! It makes a drastic change from celebrating National Food Days (not to worry, we will continue to supply you with treats). So keep your eyes peeled for some amazing poems dotted around the venue, including both classics and staff favourites!

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Don’t have a bee in your bonnet,

Read an interesting sonnet,

Or whimsical prose a great poet renders,

Of undying love and immeasurable splendours,

From Edgar Allen Poe to William Shakespeare,

We welcome you, on this day we adhere!

You’ve guessed it; thestudio are celebrating yet another day of indulgence so please join us as we wish you: Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

Definitely a day to be partied by the sweet toothed, why not try a couple of these beans on your afternoon break, they’re sure to work their magic on your taste buds.

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How Delightful…

When you think of Turkish Delight, do you imagine bustling Bazaars, fez hats and jelly beans? Yes! Jelly Beans! It might have been last on your list but these little sweets are thought of as Turkish Delight descendants! Tasting the resemblance now? (more…)

Rejuvenated after the Easter bank holiday, it’s time to celebrate spring’s arrival. For us, there is no better way to welcome the budding trees, sunny weather and beautiful blossoms than our spring menu tasting!

Admittedly many of thestudio teams’ favourite working day, attending the culinary cook off is a great excuse to indulge on some seasonal sensations. Whether you’re a meat eater, favour vegetarian or the type of person who always has room for dessert, with our huge variety of dishes you’re destined to find one that tickles your taste buds. (more…)

This week, thestudio hosted a Ready Steady Bake event in celebration and support of Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice.Mary Hospice Judges

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A helping hand…

What’s the best way to help  a family in need? To bake some cakes of course! With a company donation made, it was time for thestudio staff to lock horns in an epic battle of sugar dusting and piping. (more…)