Interested in a great migration? Well, Birmingham is experiencing an influx of Giant Owls! Perching all over the city, from the centre to the outskirts, these vibrant birds will definitely catch your eye. Running from the 20th July – 27th September, these feathery friends will be on display to help raise awareness for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Your last chance at birdwatching will be from 10th-11th October, they’ll be flying the nest soon after as they are being auctioned off in order to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital… what an ingenious way to support a great cause!

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Walk this way…

In total there are 200 wise owls dotted about Birmingham, the Ozzy Owl being the wisest of course (rock on). This exhibition is in perfect timing with both the school holidays and the lovely British summer, so if you fancy a fun, free, day out why not trek through the concrete jungle on The Big Hoot Trail! thestudio team have managed to snap up quite a few… as you can tell! (more…)

Only stopping in its tracks because of the World Wars, La Grande Boucle or as we know it, The Tour de France is an iconic, jam-packed, action filled, world class event in the annual sporting calendar, with teams from all over the world all vying for the highly acclaimed top spot and that yellow jersey.

Well known for putting the strongest athletes to the test, challenging them both mentally and physically, this race is not for the faint hearted. In fact, it is so gruelling that in 1919 only 10 individuals managed to complete the course!

The #TDF2015, running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2015, is the 102nd tour and is made up of 21 stages covering a total distance of 3,360 kilometres: 9 flat stages, 3 hilly stages, 7 mountain stages including 5 summit finishes, 1 individual time trial, 1 team time trial and just 2 rest days – phew!

Follow the leader…

British cyclist Chris Froome seems to be the favourite to win (go Britain!) riding as the general classification contender (going all out for the yellow jersey!) with the ever impressive Team Sky. (more…)


Ever heard of Pitchfest? No, not Pitch Perfect, Pitchfest! This is a collaborative event spear headed by Aston, Birmingham and Warwick Universities to deliver a day at the NEC brimming with opportunity for businesses and investors. Over 80 West Midlands companies attended, allowing businesses to compete, network and learn more about local industries. With such an event so close to home, of course thestudio were eager to enter.

Only 15 businesses got to the final and studio were delighted to be in the final 5 for the growth category. These finalists went on to present or better put “pitch” their plans for the future to a board full of potential investors and a room full of other businesses and potential new clients.

Our Director Emma Jennings commented: “Reaching the finals of Pitchfest is a great way to end another fantastic year of growth at thestudio. After recent expansion in Birmingham, Pitchfest provided an excellent opportunity to meet with several investors to talk through future plans for thestudio and its plans to grow into other major UK cities and any opportunity to showcase to new customers is always a winner!” (more…)

wedulegoJust watched The Secret Life of Lego on CH4 the other day and whether you’re loony for Lego or yet to discover your “love for the brick”, this documentary will shock, intrigue and draw you in.

From shrouded tall tales of a 1997 lost LEGO shipment gracing the shores of Cornwall with ‘treasure’ to surreal buildings which transform at the touch of a button, this documentary offers a curious insight into one of the worlds’ largest toy companies.

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Whatcha talking ‘bout…

Apart from being a great watch, you may be wondering what all this has to do with thestudio. Well we’ll happily reveal our similarities! As you know, thestudio ethos of driving a customer focused mentality and developing a family culture within the team are paramount, for us it’s not just about getting talented people, but getting the ‘right people’, better put studio people. We like to think that our team is much like a jigsaw puzzle; everyone brings something different to the table but fits well together to make the bigger picture. Unsurprisingly LEGO feel the same, an international company having shared philosophy that runs throughout the ranks is definitely a win. (more…)

IMG_2816Now that summer has firmly planted its feet on British soil, it’s not hard to guess what yearly event is underway… so grab your shades it’s time for Wimbledon! We’ll be showing matches on our main screens so you won’t miss a thing…

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Younger than the world’s oldest tortoise, Adwaita who lived until he was (speculatively) a whopping 255 years, Wimbledon is a timid 138 years of age… Funnily enough the rules have virtually stayed the same since its conception!

Did you know that over 27 kilos of strawberries will be consumed during the tournament? Hence our inspiration to commemorate Wimbledon with a Strawberries & Cream Cake! Have a break and grab some cake @studiovenues. Cake not your thing? Then why not check out Colmore Business District Food Festival! Running from the 3rd– 4th July, it offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in the summer sun. (more…)

studiomcrHave an hour to kill on your lunch break? Rather than clock watching until your next session kicks in, why not stretch those legs with these great suggestions courtesy of the local studio team! Whatever you fancy doing, we’re sure you’ll find something on this list.

Venturing out …

Nestled in the northern quarter of Manchester, The Hive isn’t just the home of thestudio but of an amazing eatery: Pie & Ale. Apart from being a great combination of décor, food and service, this place is a brilliant location to reenergize just before that long journey home.

I could do with a brew …

The Brits are world renowned for a ‘spot of afternoon tea’ and café Sugar Junction, Rosy Lee tea rooms and Teacup Kitchen will make for a perfect setting for this (not more so than thestudio of course). If you’re scouring for some class cakes or thirsty for a charming cocktail, these places are just lovely and are 5 minute walk away.

Vintage You Say?

Have a fondness for all things alternative and vintage? Then Affleck Palace will keep you busy! In just 5 minutes you can find yourself having a good old fashion rummage. You never know what gems you’ll uncover. (more…)