IMG_4578This may be your first encounter with thestudio or you could have the venue on speed dial for all your meeting and event needs. There may still be a few things you didn’t know about us! Read on and be enlightened. 🙂

1 – Hot drinks and wifi…

Nestled at the heart of the second city: thestudio Birmingham has quite a few quirks up its street. The largest of all current venues this setting truly offers something more… Open to the public, our business lounge is a retreat for like-minded professionals looking for that special place to get the job done. With a bar menu to hand, unlimited hot drinks and wifi for £5, what more would you need to help fuel you throughout the day? When the time comes for a much needed break, refresh yourself on our roof terrace, it’s beautiful in all seasons.

2 – Away we go…

Is your team bogged down and in need of some revitalization? If the good old days seem to be buried in the past, it’s time to “shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing baby” with an away day. Mix things up with Rum, Lime & Sugar’s cocktail making classes or better yet compose a team anthem with Dan Whitehouse. These are just a couple of our away day alternatives, if this has peaked your interest shuffle onto our website. You may even be inspired by some of thestudio teams’ away weekends. (more…)

Do you remember when internet was everything but wireless? Now we have powerhouses of 4G in our back pockets. How times have changed!

When we look to the past, our ancestors fashioned tools to become more efficient hunter-gatherers. Today we can see the impact and implications of technology, much like the spear of the past; it innovates and drives us forward, pushing to create new possibilities, enabling us to constantly imagine, invent and innovate, turning thoughts into reality.

Tidy desk, tidy mind…

Like an artist who is stirred by a beautiful landscape, new spaces can rouse a whole host of emotions, yes, even a work desk can be inspirational! Funnily enough, we @studiovenues strongly believe that if you want a new idea, it’s best to change the view… Hence why spread out across the UK (Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds) thestudio venues pursue the ultimate goals of being customer driven and providing light, innovative spaces, perfect places for your bright ideas. (more…)

leedsTonight is no ordinary night, with the sun setting early and winter already upon us it seems like a gloomy end to the day is inevitable. But all is not lost, as tonight is magical Bonfire Night and to top it off, it’s also thestudio’s Leeds launch party, so chin up! (Literally or you’ll miss the fireworks).

If you’ve visited us in Leeds before, its winning panoramic views would have undoubtedly made an impression and if you have the pleasure of joining in our celebrations, we offer you delicious food, thirst quenching drinks, fireworks and surprises along the way!

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