We appreciate finding the perfect match is a challenge, we appreciate a helping hand never goes a miss… With that in mind, here are our best tips for finding your dream venue.

The bare necessities…

Before we go off on a delightful tangent and start singing The Jungle Books’ classic song, let’s think about what you need from your venue. It could be anything from super-fast Wi-Fi connection, an outdoor environment or a stylised exhibition space. Jotting down a few key things about your event needs really helps to hone in your search results!

Are we there yet …?

Whether you’re dreaming about a coastline view, a cityscape or somewhere out in the sticks, location is everything when it comes to planning. A few thoughtful questions to help steer you in the right direction: how easy is the prospective venue to find? Will the bulk of your guest be travelling by car or using public transport? Is there accommodation at the venue or nearby? All these aspects will have a profound affect in your pursuit for your perfect match!

Show me the money…

Whether you’re tightening the purse strings or letting loose with your spending, budget plays a massive role in organising your event. If you’re conscious about splurging, arranging your event to fall on Monday, Friday or school holidays might help you save a pretty penny.

Free venue finding services…

New to the meetings and events game? Don’t worry, everyone starts somewhere! Luckily, there’s an abundance of lovely people who’ll be happy to help you on your mission. Free venue finding services are a way to go, they provide you support, search for and offer a variety of viable options. With a list of all your specs and event info, they’ll do all they leg work. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Go with your gut…

Always visit the venue! Even though you’ll have copious amounts of images, detailed specifications and virtual tours of the location, nothing will speak louder than your first impression. You’ll be able to get a feel for the service, the team and most importantly the environment. Trust your intuition. Also check out all the venues social media pages, this will give you a great insight into their business personality and also it acts as a great way to see what other customer’s might be twittering on about!

That’s a wrap…

All in all, finding your perfect match is a doddle! We hope that our tips served you well in your search and if you ever need anything meetings and events, we’ll always be happy to help 😊

Written by: Jyoti Banga

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