5 years old and doesn’t time fly…

Posted on 25 November 2011

Well no actually…..

You live it, you breathe it, you hold it, nurture it, watch it grow, every day you hope and wish and trust that in every way it achieves everything that you had planned for it at the beginning. It’s not life and it’s not death but in the words of Liverpool’s legendary Manager Bill Shankly “It’s more important than that”

We have learned through trying to create something really special that actually it’s not always about the money you make, it’s about how you manage the cost. There has been sweat and tears and loads of laughter, as of yet there fortunately is no blood!

We have loved every minute and we wouldn’t swap it for the world. Everything about the Studio is a reflection of everything that has been put into it by all of the team that work and have worked here. It’s like a really good movie that you watch over and over again knowing that every time you will see an added detail that you missed the last time or the last 10 times before that.

When we started the business in 2006 we were told that statistically 70% of new businesses in the UK fail to see their 5th Birthday. Now whether that fact is true or not or whether it is better or worse than that doesn’t really matter. We believed it. We said there and then that if we made it to our 5th Birthday we would have a massive party to celebrate.

On 13th October 2011 we made it to our 5th Birthday and on the 21st October we had a massive party to celebrate!

In many ways we have not been very good at celebrating success. When we opened the first floor extension in 2008 we decided that albeit huge step forward for us that we would have a soft opening. We were typically British about it and did not want to bring bad luck on ourselves if the whole plan didn’t work out quite the way we had hoped. It did. In 2010 we opened Manchester and despite many meetings and discussions about how we would celebrate the opening of our fantastic new venue which has been critically acclaimed we decided that again we would celebrate in a quiet way, just between ourselves and a few bottles of Moet. So as you can imagine when it came to fulfilling our 5 year promise to ourselves it really was time to let our hair down.

So 180 guests joined us on a Friday night for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed knees up in Birmingham. The Studio has never looked more vibrant. We had Cocktail Bars, Chocolate Fountains, Mountains of cup cakes, Pork roasting on the roof garden and enough chocolate and sweets to carry master Bucket off on a gondaler to the stars. With the help of some fantastic live music we partied until the early hours. There was definitely some murder on the dance floor. It was one hell of a bash. Please check out the gallery to see some of the events of the night.

We would like to thank all the people who attended and those that supported us for the evening. It was tremendous and a great way of thanking everyone for those 5 years of support and the team for just being part of something so amazing. We will do it again!! Here is to the next 5 years.
Really well done everyone!