a pause for reflection…

Posted on Fri-03-2012 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Sometimes we need to reflect on where we have come from and what we have achieved. It’s good for the soul and keeps us focused on where we are going.

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5 years old and doesn’t time fly…

Posted on Fri-11-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Well no actually….. You live it, you breathe it, you hold it, nurture it, watch it grow, every day you hope and wish and trust that in every way it achieves everything that you had planned for it at the beginning. It’s not life and it’s not death but in the words of Liverpool’s legendary […]

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thestudio pencil story so far…

Posted on Mon-06-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Knock, knock Who’s there? You ever hear the joke about the broken pencil? You ever hear the joke about the broken pencil who?

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the 10 most memorable days in studio history… (part three)

Posted on Wed-06-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Fire day It is fair to say that there are two calls that I truly fear. One is to say that someone at Studio has been hurt or taken ill and the other is that there is a fire, and yes before anyone comments I do fear these even more than the calls from H […]

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the 10 most memorable days in studio history… (part two)

Posted on Tue-06-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Blackout Day Two weeks ago I was kindly invited by Midlands Excellence to give a short presentation on our principles of customer service and in particular our mission statement of customer first. It was a great opportunity for me to take stock of some of the things that we have done to deliver our simple message.

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studio food…

Posted on Thu-04-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

So spring is upon us. We know this because Chris and Kate are back on the telly with scenes of “Hedgehogs, Blue Tits and Badgers”. For us in studio land it means a new menu.

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show us your studio event #hashtags…

Posted on Sat-04-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

If you are using a twitter hashtag for an event at thestudio be sure to let us know @studiovenues, we love to get involved with your live tweeting and it also allows us to see realtime feedback.

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the 10 most memorable days in studio history… (part one)

Posted on Thu-04-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Four and a half years into the studio journey and a bit of self indulgent reminiscing. I did say that top ten’s were important. Here I will talk you through them, some are just personal, some obvious, some bizarre. We will add them in chunks as time goes by. Here are the first.    

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studio feedback…

Posted on Sun-03-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

We truly value the feedback we receive at the studio it helps us achieve our mission statement of customer first. We love it if you can talk to one of the team on the day, it can be frustrating if it’s after the event and we could have done something to improve the service at the time, we […]

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video conferencing at thestudio…

Posted on Sat-03-2011 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

We are proud at the studio to be used as a demo site for Logitech’s fantastic Lifesize videoconference kit. This means that not only do Logitech introduce their potential clients to our venues but also we have access to the latest and best high-definition hardware which we can also offer to our customers for their conferencing. Normally […]

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