Can’t wait to make your booking? Boldy book thestudio… online at your convenience!

Posted on Mon-06-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

Need to book a small meeting space fast and at short notice? We’re delighted to launch online bookings at thestudio… giving you the freedom to book a selection of our meeting spaces online, 24/7 and up to the day before it’s required. Initially available at our Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds locations the online booking service […]

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Check out thestudio… for all your summer hangouts

Posted on Thu-06-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

If you’re thinking about what you can do to get together this summer make sure you think of thestudio… We’ve got some great Safe and Seamless options available for you to get your team together, face to face for some valuable rebuilding time. Sizzle in the Summer heat with our popular BBQ package, available at […]

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Hello, it’s good to be back Manchester!

Posted on Wed-06-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

Ever since we had to close our doors last year we’ve been itching to get back, so you can imagine how excited we are to confirm that we will be reopen once more in Manchester, hosting Safe and Seamless events from Thursday 24th June. Situated at the heart of the city, just a hop, skip […]

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Boldly Go Live with thestudio…

Posted on Tue-05-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

It’s been well over a year now since we’ve been able to all sit together ‘normally’ in one room so you couldn’t blame anyone for forgetting what a totally live event feels like. With all the benefits they can bring us and with live events finally confirmed to restart on the 17th May now is the time we start to really think hard about returning […]

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Boldly Go Hybrid with thestudio…

Posted on Thu-05-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

In the events world ‘hybrid’ was an option scarcely considered pre-Covid. Now we are starting to plan for live events again it’s become a serious and sensible option. We take a look at the options available and what the benefits of a hybrid event could be to you.   Simply put, hybrid events are when […]

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Bryght Studio – A Live Q&A!

Posted on Wed-04-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

On the back of the exciting news that we have teamed up with AV specialists Bryght to launch a live streaming studio at the studio we’ve been asked lots of questions about how it looks and how it works so we caught up with Bryght’s Director of Business Development Nick Ricketts to give us some insight […]

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Boldly Go Virtual with thestudio…

Posted on Wed-04-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

Zoom fatigue. A phrase we are sure everyone is familiar with now!  Let’s face it, for many of us the novelty of another virtual meeting or conference on Zoom (or similar!!) has long worn thin. We’re all itching to get back together again and engage in a much more meaningful way. Now lockdown restrictions are easing and with a clear roadmap for […]

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Book with Confidence. With our Booking Guarantee we’ve got your back…

Posted on Mon-04-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

We’re all itching to get back to doing things face-to-face aren’t we? It seems like every day that goes by our desperation to get back to ‘normal’ grows stronger by the day but with so many ‘if and but’s’ still flying around we know making that commitment can be a tough decision! As we emerge […]

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Global Meetings Industry Day

Posted on Fri-04-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

On Global Meetings Industry Day we thought it would be a good chance to reflect on the past few weeks. This week in particular has been one of the busiest for thestudio since the Government ‘Roadmap to Reopening’ was announced back in February. We had already seen the number of booking enquiries we have received […]

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Introducing the Bryght Studio at thestudio…

Posted on Thu-04-2021 by Oliver Hargreaves

You may have heard about it already (we’ve been quite excited about this so hard to keep quiet!) but we are absolutely delighted to confirm we are now working with AV specialists Bryght to deliver a dedicated live streaming studio at thestudio Birmingham. The “Bryght Studio at thestudio” is now being offered to all of our clients as […]

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