Body Language and Your Event…

Posted on Fri-10-2019 by Jyoti Banga

Ever notice how people who are admired, radiate a positive and friendly aura? Whether you’re looking to secure agreements, network or become someone’s go to person, body language has a meaningful impact on the connections we attempt to create. We are frequently told “actions speak louder than words”, so join us as we delve into […]

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Avoid getting hot under the collar this summer…

Posted on Fri-07-2019 by Jyoti Banga

It’s finally here, the British summer has decided to make an appearance halfway through the year. Better late than never we say! Before we strut our stuff in shorts and add cocktail umbrellas to all our cold drinks, there is one hurdle to jump… We spend a good portion of our lives dedicated to our […]

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The dreaded C word! …Reasons to book Christmas venue now!

Posted on Tue-06-2019 by Jyoti Banga

It feels as though the long-awaited British summer has abandoned us and now businesses are already advertising for Christmas?! We understand the injustice, it might seem unthinkably soon to entertain the thought, so here’s a few reasons why it’s a brilliant idea to get cracking on the planning… Get bookin’ good lookin’… “Eat a live […]

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5 helpful tips to find your perfect venue

Posted on Wed-05-2019 by Jyoti Banga

We appreciate finding the perfect match is a challenge, we appreciate a helping hand never goes a miss… With that in mind, here are our best tips for finding your dream venue. The bare necessities… Before we go off on a delightful tangent and start singing The Jungle Books’ classic song, let’s think about what […]

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Seeds for the bees…

Posted on Fri-05-2019 by Jyoti Banga

Here @thestudio we like to make a difference. That’s why we’ve replaced our business cards with our “Give us a buzz” wildflower seed packs! Completely biodegradable, our give us a buzz cards give you more than just our contact details, you also get a handful of magic to grow. It’s a sobering thought to realise […]

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Happy Pancake Day…

Posted on Tue-03-2019 by Jyoti Banga

To “give up” – cease making an effort; admit defeat. Those who have stepped into any one of our four venues or met any of our team will know that “giving up” is not a phrase we like to take lightly here at thestudio. We make every effort to not view any task as too […]

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Getting to know thestudio…

Posted on Wed-02-2019 by Jyoti Banga

Here at thestudio, we aim to keep all of our fascinating facts and exciting changes at the forefront for our customers to stay in the loop with us! We are beginning to install our Good to Know About chalkboards in our refreshment areas in all of our venues across to inform and keep you up […]

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Posted on Wed-01-2019 by Jyoti Banga

Have you overcome your fear of old photos? Well, now’s the time! Most of us cringe at the thought of sharing selfies from what seems like a happily forgotten past of wardrobe horrors, yet today, we’re relishing in the #10yearchallenge. Instead of burning unforgivable pics, we’re given the opportunity to be proud of who we […]

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winter pick me ups…

Posted on Mon-12-2018 by Jyoti Banga

It’s dark! And with the darkness sets in an undeniable urge to retreat, armour yourself in the cosiest of clothes and surrender to your duvet. Trust us, you’re not alone! The sunny days of afternoon teas and wicker basket picnics feel like a hazy memory. It’s painful to waving good bye to that sun kissed […]

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Why’s thestudio grinning?

Posted on Fri-10-2018 by Jyoti Banga

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Phyllis Diller Say Cheese… Smiles are a wonderful thing, they’re a lovely sign to ourselves and others that we’re feelin’ fine. We think everyone looks their best when they show off their pearly whites, you could even say they offer an instant makeover! Tweet @studiovenues what […]

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