4 easy ways to get giving…

Posted on Wed-09-2018 by Jyoti Banga

Do you live by the mantra: happiness shared is happiness doubled? It’s no secret that doing good makes us feel good but with our busy work, family and life schedules, it can seem impossible to commit ourselves to anything else. Rest assured, without dedicating too much time and effort you’ll be able to feel a […]

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Afternoon Tea Time!

Posted on Tue-08-2018 by Jyoti Banga

It’s time to raise that pinky and dust off those delicately decorated tiered dishes as this week we’re celebrating Afternoon Tea. A week dedicated to possibly the most British customs, it would be a sin not to get involved with some fun facts and the possibility of winning scones! Tweet us your first choice finger […]

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World Oceans Day

Posted on Fri-06-2018 by Jyoti Banga

Dive into a truly alien world where luminous creatures glow in the dark and where giants slumber… We’re not talking about the latest sci – fi to hit the silver screen; welcome to our oceans. Deep Blue Today we want to hone in on our oceans being much more than just a body of water: […]

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Rock Your Grill

Posted on Tue-05-2018 by Jyoti Banga

We’ve all experienced it. Gone to a disappointing BBQ where there were no welcome drinks, blackened burgers easily mistaken for coal and baps soggier than the British weather… Thankfully we’re here to make sure, come rain or shine, that your BBQ’s are the best on the block! Be warned, intoxicated passers-by might want an invite! […]

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World Whisky Day

Posted on Tue-05-2018 by Jyoti Banga

Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardener all have something in common, can you guess what it is? If you answered a love of Whisky you’d have scored 10 points! Whether it’s a sweet bourbon or a classy Old Fashioned, this golden coloured liquid has been the favoured choice of many fabulous minds and […]

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5 Things you didn’t know about thestudio’s cook book…

Posted on Fri-05-2018 by Jyoti Banga

It’s heating up at thestudio this May as we’ve got some exciting news to share! Our cookbook BALANCE has arrived in all of our venues and is rammed with over 60 healthy recipes! The book fits perfectly with our food philosophy, an affordable but beautiful book that has been created in response to the amount […]

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Weddings, Birthdays and Parties

Posted on Fri-04-2018 by Jyoti Banga

       Let’s celebrate! Providing bright, creative events spaces by day and a fabulous party venue by night, there’s a whole host of after-hours fun to be had at thestudio. This bespoke space has a lot to offer when it comes to throwing a legendary party. From the seasonal summer BBQ and traditional Christmas carveries; […]

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National Tea Day

Posted on Mon-04-2018 by Jyoti Banga

What’s that sound? The melody of excited whistling kettles and the magical chiming of swirling spoons fills the air… It’s time to make some music… Let’s stick on a brew and make a song & dance about Tea! That’s right, it’s National Tea Day. Hi Chai… Us Brits are well known for being avid tea […]

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Stress Awareness…

Posted on Wed-04-2018 by Jyoti Banga

Keep calm and carry on… For us Brits, we’re renowned worldwide for having a “stiff upper lip” approach to life. Though, this might not always be the case… It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and experience stress, trust us, we work in the events industry! On a brighter note, stress isn’t malicious, it’s our bodily and […]

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Inclusivity and Diversity

Posted on Mon-03-2018 by Jyoti Banga

Diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. In a nutshell, it’s about empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education & national origin. As a business we are part of the Diversity in […]

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