Fighting Fit!

Posted on Fri-04-2016 by Jyoti Banga

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” Though we may not like to admit it we all know the benefits of keeping active and eating correctly. Whilst many live the active life we’re so aware of many of us hide our guilty faces in a […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Posted on Fri-02-2016 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Hats off to bustling Birmingham, the home of studio HQ, for being one of the happiest cities in the U.K to live and work in! Inspired by our beautiful city, we crafted this little thought provoking piece on happiness, as you can tell, we do like to get our thinking caps on. “Happiness is the […]

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What Makes You, You?

Posted on Thu-02-2016 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

This may seem like an odd question at first, however from a young age we are taught everyone is different and rightly so; no two sides of the coin are the same. Without getting too philosophical, we are sure we can all agree that we are the sum of our parts. We are made up […]

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What is Brand?

Posted on Fri-01-2016 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Before your trusted mobile device springs out and you start googling, what does brand mean to you? For us we imagine it to be what people say about you when you’re not in the room… Best put, it’s all about the way you want to be and are perceived! Let’s play a game… As original […]

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For the Love of Food

Posted on Thu-01-2016 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

In good fashion thestudio lives up to its ‘foodie’ reputation and is holding their new menu tasting today in Birmingham! Say farewell to a boring lunch by moseying on down to thestudio to tantalise those taste buds. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other local businesses, broaden horizons but hopefully not waistlines, all at […]

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Christmas Get Together

Posted on Fri-12-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

If we’ve had the privilege of hosting your event, you’ll have noticed our strong customer orientation from the onset! With this in mind, here at the studio, we believe everyone’s role within our business is important, whether it’s picking up the phone or your first steps through our doors, we appreciate everyone has an impact […]

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Feeling Festive!

Posted on Fri-12-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

If we’ve had the pleasure of hosting your all-important meeting, party or event, you could probably tell from our lunch menu (Tandoori roasted chicken skewers with mint and cucumber raita, Heritage carrot tart tatin with red onion marmalade just to name a couple), that we @studiovenues HEART our food. We even hold a not so […]

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Coming soon…

Posted on Tue-12-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Opening in early September 2015 it’s a big “Ey Up” and Away to thestudioleeds… Situated just a 7 minute riverside stroll from Leeds Central railway station with equally easy access by road and ample parking nearby. Our newest venue will feature 7 vibrant event spaces, the largest accommodating up to 180 guests theatre style.

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5 Things you may not have known you can do @ thestudio

Posted on Fri-11-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

This may be your first encounter with thestudio or you could have the venue on speed dial for all your meeting and event needs. There may still be a few things you didn’t know about us! Read on and be enlightened. 🙂 1 – Hot drinks and wifi… Nestled at the heart of the second […]

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Blast from the Past…

Posted on Thu-11-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Do you remember when internet was everything but wireless? Now we have powerhouses of 4G in our back pockets. How times have changed! When we look to the past, our ancestors fashioned tools to become more efficient hunter-gatherers. Today we can see the impact and implications of technology, much like the spear of the past; […]

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