memorable days

happy banana bread day…

Posted on Mon-02-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

If you love bread and you love bananas, well, that makes today your lucky day as it’s Banana Bread Day! Come join thestudio team for a freshly baked banana bread muffin. In the 1930’s, banana bread rose to fame with the introduction of popular cooking products baking soda and baking powder. They fast became a […]

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Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!…

Posted on Thu-02-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Well-wishing’s for the Chinese New Year… Yes, you’ve guessed it, today is that special day which marks the revival of the Chinese calendar, so we bid adieu to the year of the Rat and welcome the year of the Goat. Alternatively known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is packed full of cultural fun, from […]

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it’s flippin’ pancake day…

Posted on Tue-02-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Time to get those frying pans out and start flipping! It’s Pancake Day! Why not join us @ thestudio for some delicious fresh pancakes! It might sound like a great excuse to comfort eat the winter blues away but the once Pagan Slavs originally ate pancakes (which represent the sun) to ward off the evil spirits of […]

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sunshine, lollipops & rainbows…

Posted on Fri-02-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

If you were playing the wheel of fortune, what would be the first things you associate with Valentine’s Day? For us it would definitely be chocolate. And, flowers and heart covered cards, but that’s already three things. Valentine’s is a tricky day to avoid; whether you’re a cat lady, not so eligible bachelor or a loved up couple who live […]

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national popcorn day…

Posted on Mon-01-2015 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

“Why aren’t there many jokes about popcorn? Because they are corny.” Now that this hilarious joke has grabbed your attention, we’d like to make an important announcement…. IT’S NATIONAL POPCORN DAY! Did you know that this cinema favourite has been around for quite some time? Astonishingly enough, it was first cultivated 9000 years ago in […]

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christmas cheer

Posted on Tue-12-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

With the dreary weather threatening to dampen our spirits, thestudio team thought it was time to fight the frost by taking to the German Markets. Said to be the biggest of its kind outside of Germany, the market has a whole host of interesting trinkets, stocking fillers and bites to eat. Tis the season to […]

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hey there pilgrim…

Posted on Thu-11-2014 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

Today is the fourth Thursday in November which means its Thanksgivings day! So if you’re at thestudio today why not join us in having a slice of seasonal cake. What’s this you say? Give thanks today?! Mainly celebrated in America and Canada, Thanksgivings is a day to do just that, give thanks! This elusively dated […]

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how to have a Merry Office Christmas Party in 5 easy steps…

Posted on Tue-08-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

There’s a never ending stream of lists, notes, RSVPs and charts for all of you that have to organise your company’s Christmas Party. Whether you’re a seasoned planner and already have everything at your fingertips or you’ve just been assigned this task but don’t know where to start, here is a useful checklist to make […]

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the root of our values…

Posted on Fri-05-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

A few weeks ago we received our first negative comment on a social media channel. That was quite a shock and we were genuinely gutted about the situation. We responded promptly and everything was handled bearing in mind our Customer First mission statement.

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T is for Team…

Posted on Tue-04-2013 by Lawrence Cairns-Smith

In the good spirit of team building, thestudio team away day was organised this year, unlike the previous years, in March instead of January. No more bitterly cold days, fresh air and spring all around…or so we thought. The weather, however, didn’t bring spirits down and at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning we were […]

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