GDPR Policy

Posted on 08 May 2018

General Data Protection Regulation Policy – Protecting your Privacy

This Policy explains in more detail the kind of personal data we might collect about you. We also explain how we’ll use the data it and keep it safe.

Who we are…

We are the Studio Venue Company Ltd. We have 4 conference and events venues all based in the United Kingdom.

Lawful Basis…

There are a few legal ways under the GDPR that a company can collect your data. These include:
Consent – where you give us permission to use your data in a specific way e.g. when you opt in to receive marketing emails
Contractual – we would need your personal data in order to confirm your event with us.
Legal – if we needed to process your data in order to comply with the law
Legitimate interest – this is when we use your data in a way you would expect, for example if you give us your phone number in an enquiry form and we then call you to discuss your booking

When do we collect your personal data?
When you make an enquiry with us
When you fill in any of our forms
Google analytics track our website activity
When you engage with us on social media
When you sign up to a menu tasting
If we meet you at an exhibition and you give us your information
If you enter one of our competitions
When you are onsite we have CCTV
If you deal with us via a third party, for example a venue finding agency

What sort of personal data do we collect?
When you make an enquiry we may collect, your name, address, business address, email, job title, requirements or disability status
If you pay by credit card, we will collect your payment information
Your image on CCTV
Website data via google analytics
Your feedback on events you have held with us
Your social media username if you engage with us on social media

How do we use your personal data?
To process any events, you have with us
To respond to feedback or enquiries
To protect our business from fraud
We collect CCTV images in order to detect and prevent crime
To process payments
With your consent we will use your personal data to keep you informed of Studio activities, including special events, discounts and promotions. You are free to opt out at any time. This is usually by email.
To comply with our contractual obligations and the law

How long do we keep your personal data?
We only keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose it was collected, or for as long as we need to comply with the law.

Who do we share personal data with?
We sometimes share your data with 3rd parties, in order process and service your event.
The data is not held by them, it is held on Studio Venue Company systems.
We only provide them with the data needed to perform the service we have employed them to.
They are contractually obliged to ensure your data is protected at all times

Examples of people we work with…
We use a contract catering company, Catering Academy to service the day to day events
We use a factoring company, ABN-AMRO to process our invoices
Google Analytics track our website
We do not share your data with 3rd parties for their own purpose, unless for reasons that need to be investigated by law – e.g. fraud, or to investigate a crime

What are your rights over your personal data?
You have the right to request
To view your data
To correct anything that may be wrong
To withdraw consent for marketing
To have your data deleted if we do not have to uphold any contractual or legal obligations

How to contact us
Email us at:
Write to us at: The Data Protection Officer, The Studio Venue Company, 7 Cannon Street, Birmingham, B2 5EP
If we cannot action your request for any reason, we will let you know why.