Happy National Oreo Day …

Posted on 06 March 2015

Whether you prefer to pull them apart, fill up on the filling, or dunking them in milk, whatever your ritual, it’s only a matter of time before their inevitable devouring! Here @ thestudio we appreciate everyone’s different, however originally you dine; so join us for an afternoon pick me up with Oreos.

These darkly coloured delectables are allegedly vegan! Talk about chucking dietary requirements out the window. Ever tried the chocolate filled Oreos? There might be one or two hidden amongst the originals. If you’re lucky enough, tweet @studiovenues #plunder.

Over a 100 years of longevity…

Did you know Oreos first came about in 1912, making their debut with two tastes:  the original crème filling and lemon meringue flavouring!

Not so tall, dark and handsome…

The naming choice for these biscuits have thus been labelled a mystery, but those with a thought to spare, think it might be related to the French word ‘or’ for ‘gold’, as they were initially sold in golden coloured tins… classy.

Huston, we have an Oreo

If you were to imagine the amount of Oreos created and consumed since 1912, it’s not hard to believe that we (the human race collectively) have eaten enough Oreos to reach the moon!

Enjoy our afternoon of tasty treats here @thestudio