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Posted on 23 March 2011

So the BIG news is that at the Best Business Awards we won a gold standard award, which given that our category was dominated by Birmingham City Council (BCC) businesses at a BCC backed awards ceremony was pretty damn good and the best we could have hoped for. We are well chuffed

The biggest thing we gained from the day though was a comment by one of the speakers, it went something like this “those businesses that see themselves in the future and are planning for that future will be in that future”. Times, as we all know are tough, and a lot of wallowing and hardship have been expressed, but for us that simple comment signified the end of the dark days of recession, it’s an attitude thing. We have after all been through the cold winter months, it has rained and it has snowed and we have hunkered down. Today though sees us with the attitude that it’s all still going on out there and we are still here and planning for that future. It’s still bright!

As a bloke I am used to counting things in 10’s. The top ten cars of all time, my best 10 days out, who was the best 10 Birmingham City players of all time (that may be a five list to be fair!) My eldest son Aidan is currently travelling and in New Zealand on what is the mandatory “Gap” year and even he emailed me recently and said “hey Dad what about some top 10s to keep me going” Top ten’s are great albeit a bit blokey because they make us utilise all our senses and memories and the wide spectrum of our brain. I’m waffling, really just to bring the word 10 to the fore. Yesterday you see was the 10th anniversary of the day I first walked into Studio and started an amazing journey. 10 years, Crickey!! That’s 37% of my working life. It’s been a symbiotic relationship, we needed each other then, we still do!

Meanwhile business is booming, studiomanchester is having its busiest week ever as we speak and in total this is the busiest week Studio Venue Company has ever had. The team are buzzing. Emma and I have even returned to travelling in together a few times a week so that we can exchange information and keep on top of things. Getting time to share thoughts as a management team can be so important if we are to keep focused. She is on one of her monthly motivational days at the Enterprise High City Growth Programme today with “the board we can’t afford” so the journey home will be an information download, I hope she has laid off the coffee!

thestudio welcomes our new receptionist

thestudio welcomes Kinga, our new receptionist

As for other stuff, it’s a big welcome to Kinga our new receptionist who joined us on Monday. She will be a great addition to the family and she talks three languages fluently, this will be huge for us as most of us struggle with the one language and in Becky’s case we haven’t yet managed to find a translator…yam yam yam. Happy Birthday to Hannah, we miss the Duckers. Welcome again to all the new users of thestudio this week, it’s great to see the place packed out day after day. We love you all.

Ok it’s time to crack on with the rest of the day. We hope to see you all soon, remember to keep twittering and any feedback is always greatly received, oh and one last thing; I’ve just looked out of the window and the suns shining!