our environment and sustainability policy


We understand we have an impact on the environment in a number of ways and aim to minimise any potential harmful effects which our business may cause. We are committed to continuous improvements in our environmental performance and the ability to reduce pollution.


We will, therefore, as a minimum:

1. Meet and where appropriate, exceed the requirements of legislation and codes of practice.
2. Continue to develop and operate environmentally sound waste management procedures to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill sites.
3. Continue to recycle materials wherever possible and promote the use of recycling, particularly with materials such as paper, newspapers, magazines, batteries, toner cartridges and aluminium.
4. Promote a purchasing policy with suppliers which will give preference where economically possible, to those products which have been recycled and which will cause less harm to the environment.
5. Actively source and promote the use of local suppliers and use fresh and sustainably sourced food products whenever possible.
6. Support individual/artisan companies with sound sustainable and environmental policies.
7. Provide a PURE water system to provide all delegates throughout the day with filtered water in re-cycled glass bottles.
8. We work in partnership with Redber Roasters, who are a passionate about great quality coffee, which is grown and traded fairly. They grow a number of organic and Fairtrade certified coffee beans and source each of their coffees responsibly, working with a number of charities. Most notably Seeds for Development, founded in 2007 to aid and support Ugandan farmers grow coffee. In conjunction with Redber we have developed our own delicious Studio blend.
9. Encourage our team to introduce and embark on environmentally friendly schemes: such as the cycle to work scheme.
10. Provide for secure storage of bicycles for those that cycle to our venues.
11. Reduce the amount of energy we consume by continuing to use energy saving measures and by following recognised guidelines and codes of practice in our property management. All of our meeting space lights are on movement sensors – no people – no wasted light!
12. Pursue efficient water management by influencing water usage, monitoring consumption and promoting water conservation. All of our toilet facilities are fitted with water saving devices.
13. Increase the awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff and ensure they have the knowledge and resources to minimise the environmental impact of their work.
14. Use plain pencils rather than branded pens and re-cycle when we possible into them into local schools or charity projects

We have been awarded the highest GOLD level by Quality in Birmingham relating specifically to our environmental practices and policies.

The Hive is home of thestudiomanchester. This building is deemed excellent by BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) standards, it is the leading and most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings. This sets the standard for best practice in sustainable design and has become the de facto measure used to describe a building’s environmental performance.

BREEAM provides clients, developers, designers and others with:
• market recognition for low environmental impact buildings
• assurance that best environmental practice is incorporated into a building
• inspiration to find innovative solutions that minimise the environmental impact
• a benchmark that is higher than regulation
• a tool to help reduce running costs, improve working and living environments
• a standard that demonstrates progress towards corporate and organisational environmental objectives

BREEAM addresses wide-ranging environmental and sustainability issues and enables developers and designers to prove the environmental credentials of their buildings to planners and clients. It:
• uses a straightforward scoring system that is transparent, easy to understand and supported by evidence-based research
• has a positive influence on the design, construction and management of buildings
• sets and maintains a robust technical standard with rigorous quality assurance and certification
Implement these policies through a co-ordinated environmental management system which will monitor our progress and publish a performance report on an annual basis.