Cancellation Policy


  1. Cancellations, postponements and reduction in numbers
  2. Should you have to cancel, postpone or reduce the numbers for your booking, a charge will be made, calculated as a percentage of the total booking value, according to the scale below:

Notification period for cancellations

From 6 – 3 months to the event 25%
3 months – 6 weeks prior to the event 35%
6 weeks – 28 days prior to the event 65%
28 days – 8 days prior to the event 80%
7 days or less prior to the event 100%


2.2          All cancellations, postponements or reductions in numbers must be confirmed in writing by you

2.3          In the event of a cancellation or postponement any additional costs incurred for a particular event, that otherwise would not have been incurred will be charged, unless thestudio are able to mitigate their loss.

    1. Cancellations by you due to bad weather must be confirmed in writing. If the Studio is open for business cancellation charges as above will apply. We recommend you take out insurance against this as per clause 14.