studio feedback…

Posted on 27 March 2011

We truly value the feedback we receive at the studio it helps us achieve our mission statement of customer first. We love it if you can talk to one of the team on the day, it can be frustrating if it’s after the event and we could have done something to improve the service at the time, we get really upset if we feel a customer has left us unhappy!

Instant feedback and communication is now changing massively with the use of twitter, it gives us fast, fun and honest interaction in real time from delegates and organisers that we wouldn’t necessarly have dialogue with. It creates a more initmate relationship with our customers, and it’s also great when we see those customers recommend us to others.

We love picking up on event hashtags and joining in, if you are using a hashtag for your event at studio, be sure to let us know!

But … What we love most about using twitter is seeing the pictures our customers take of the studio….

Big cup of tea at the studio

Fancy a cuppa?